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Foreign customers come to our company for field visits


On March 29, 2021, we ushered in Italian customers from afar. The purpose of the customer's trip was to conduct an in-depth factory inspection. We took the customer to visit the product exhibition hall, production workshop, and then visited the paper pumping and roll paper production line. The customers praised our product design, production equipment and inventory repeatedly.

Facial Tissue Paper has Can touch food directly. Food grade no additives,can be wrapped. 
Tissue Paper natural antibacterial. Cook at 450°high temperature, effectively inhibit 99% bacteria, add a barrier to family health.100% bamboo pulp. Bamboo pulp production, rich in bamboo quinone, bacterial inhibition rate up to 99%. Bamboo pulp paper can inhibit >99% of common bacteria, bacteria and fungi reduced by 5-10 times.
more comfortable.No dust inhalation, healthier mouth and nose, more comfortable sensitive nose.